Remote Training Program

We realize it is hard to dedicate time for training and travel, so sometimes it is better to grind it out on your own while under the guidance of the professionals. We believe our Remote Training Program can be just what you need to reach your goals. Our training modality, RTP, focuses on helping you accomplish your goals from the comforts of your own locale and setting. Professional guidance and self-learning are invaluable concepts in achieving your goals. Thus, having Lance Gill Performance on your team will be invaluable!
Please allow us to help you on your journey to "your" greatness. It is our goal to create a serious network of clients that want to make improvements and are interested in becoming better at whatever activity they choose. We are specialists in human motion. How you use that motion is your call! Our process is simple and easy to understand and is geared to those who seek to gain improvements with the guidance of experts.

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Step 1: History and Physical Assessment

This portion of the process will delve into understanding your background and makeup. We want to know your fitness and medical history so our decision making process for your program design is more effective and successful. In this portion of the process we will conduct a thorough online physical examination of which you will work 1-1 with our Fitness Director, Kayleigh Franklin to understand your physical abilities as well as dysfunctions. From this information we can provide insight into your desired goals and your past histories. This information then will guide us to prescribing a program that is catered to your needs and limitations, while allowing your body to adapt and flourish towards your personal goals.

Step 2: Report of Findings

This is the portion of our program that deals with helping you understand how your physical limitations are affecting your progress towards your goals. It is our intention to develop an understanding within you, to empower you to make changes. Via this education and report of findings we have found that you will have a clearer vision of where you are currently and the route that is needed to bring success. This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak.

Step 3: Program Design

In this phase we will actually build out your physical plan of attack for the short term future (2 weeks). This will include all the workouts that will need to be created by us and implemented by you, based on your needs, equipment and time. This process will also factor in the most important part of any training process > recovery! We utilize the Titleist Performance Institute platform for the administering of the programs so that you have a web and mobile based platform to both receive and view workout routines created. A simple and effective way to monitor form and track exercises at your fingertips.

Step 4: Constant Communication

After the creation of the program it is "Go Time". This is the point where you will begin your workouts and plan of attack. We will be communicating with you via our coaching platform, Edufii. This platform allows constant communication over multiple mediums for maximum client:provider interactivity. Whether it is video, picture, file or text, we will be able to send information back and forth about how things are going and discuss changes on the fly. This is a vital step in the overall process as it allows us to monitor, and adapt to your needs as well as to motivate and inspire you in your programming. This is a simple platform to use and is available on all devices from mobile phones to desktop.

Step 5: Direct Access to Fitness Director

In addition to any programming prescribed by LGP, we are committed to helping maintain constant communication with you. It is imperative to be able to answer any and all questions from you as they pop up. Kayleigh believes in personal relationships with trust. She has been developing life long bonds with all of our clients that far surpass the arena of physical training. Her commitment to detail and personal attention will far surpass your needs and expectations for our Remote Training Protocol

Step 6: Re-assessment

It is our intent to continually monitor your progress as well as your dysfunctions. Via our Re-Assessment protocol you will be monitored on timed intervals to determine how the program is faring and where changes need to be made for the subsequent weeks routines. This process will be completed online with Kayleigh and will entail a discussion face to face on how things are going and will be centered on moving your entire movement routine further and forward.

Step 7: Goal Setting

During this step we will begin to look at how your short term goals have progressed and ultimately determine whether this progress is taking us in the direction of your long term goals. This is an imperative and important piece of the overall success for our athletes. Goals only work when action steps are monitored and reviewed. This process will serve as our barometer for success. From this information we can make better and more accurate adjustments in your routine to effectively manage your desired outcomes.

Step 8: Structured Guidance on Your Journey

Wherever you are in the journey towards your goals, it is vital to have a professional team behind you every step of the way. We realize that the hard work is going to be put in by you! However, with our expert guidance, you will gain the confidence and results that your hard work deserves. Too many people try to do it themselves and find only that their pathway wasnt properly organized and/or motivation and passion was forgotten somewhere along the journey. It is our commitment to you to help ensure you; guidance and motivation throughout your journey.

Step 9: Onsite Program Creation

All of our RTP clients will gain exclusive access to onsite programming if desired. Coming from a strong background in the golfing industry, Lance Gill has hosted thousands of people through his world renowned Golf Experiences. The LGP Golf Experience is created to help tie in your passion for golf and human function, while along the way getting some amazing memories about the game we love so much. Please consider our Golf Experience Packages and elevate your game via this amazing offer.