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Lance Gill Performance
Turning Golfers into Athletes

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Lance Gill Performance gave me the ability and platform to grow in the gym and on the golf course. Allowing me to get stronger and more importantly to stay healthy throughout an entire season on the PGA Tour

-Charley Hoffman

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Your Journey is exactly that.... YOURS. Lance Gill Performance believes your journey deserves the proper attention and guidence.

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Creating a framework in your body that alternates between stable and mobile segments will allow for function.

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I have seen too many people win on too many tours with differing swing mechanics to really pinpoint the best style. However, it is seldom seen a tour winner that cannot produce efficiency.

-Lance Gill, LGP President

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Understanding what your body is capable of doing is essentially the same as reading a map. This map ultimately guides us on our golfing journey

-Kayleigh Franklin, LGP Fitness Director


Welcome to Lance Gill Performance. Our goal is to educate you on the world of golf performance via the enhancement of the human body. Here you will learn my philosophy on approaching this game we love so much, and how together we can achieve YOUR goals through golf fitness. Golf is more than just a game - It is a wonderful journey to be enjoyed throughout a lifetime. At LG Performance we believe that in order to truly experience this journey, a comprehensive plan of attack to achieve your potential is essential.

With over 30 years of high-level golfing experience and 15 years specializing in golf specific physical training, LG Performance has the tools to help golfers of all ages and skill levels be successful.

Thank you for joining us at LG performance - we look forward to improving YOUR journey!


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